SAP Boom in 2012

SAP targets $26 billion in revenue and a 35% operating margin by 2015. The company also targets 1 billion end users by 2015. SAP expects its 2012 revenue from software and software-related services to rise by 10-12 % in the full year from $14.6 billion in 2011.

What’s driving these bold predictions? For starters, HANA revenue in 2012 will more than double to $414.4 million. Mobile app sales in 2012 will more than double to $285 million. With more than 15 million customers and 50 million end users, SuccessFactors gives SAP the largest cloud software solution in the world.

SAP is also betting that the confluence of its in-memory technology, mobility muscle and BI prowess positions the company perfectly to extend an increasing array of analytics and BI solutions to a much wider range of end users.

Today, SAP has about 183,000 customers and around 38 million end-users. If all goes as planned, those numbers are sure to explode in 2012.

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